Are you thinking of starting a store, drop shipping makeup brushes from China? Before you invest your hard-earned money into it, learn the secrets of the industry that you can’t find anywhere else! Some Makeup Brush Manufacturers are scamming purchasers left and right with low-quality products, inferior parts, and deceiving tactics. The worst part? The buyer doesn’t even realize they’re being taken advantage of!

Included in this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Inside knowledge from a team of Chinese experts with years of experience in the makeup brush manufacturing industry
  • See how dishonest makeup brush manufacturers are ripping off their customers and how to avoid it.
  • The red-flags to look out for when reviewing samples.
  • The deceiving tactics some factories are using on buyers across the world.

1.   Inquire About the Wood Used

Chinese makeup brushes are usually made with one of two kinds of wood: Schima superba and Birch.

Schima superba comes from South China and is more robust and can withstand mold and moisture. Because of this, Schima superba can sometimes become too dry making it vulnerable to cracking and other issues.

Birch holds up to processing in a factory much better and is easy to shape into a handle, absorbs paint well, and provides excellent mechanical and strength properties.

When talking to your supplier about the wood they use in their brushes, keep in mind that the higher-grade handles will be made with birch while lower-end, more affordable options will use Schima superba.

Always check for continuity in the products you purchase from makeup brush manufacturer in China. Unfortunately, some makeup brush manufacturers will switch from birch to Schima superba without telling you in order to save on costs.

Generally, birch costs 50% more than Schima superba so if you were to buy 24 makeup brushes, you would save around $0.23 per set.

makeup brush manufacturer

2.   Pay Attention to the Texture of the Paint

There’s more to paint than just the color. When reviewing samples, check the feel of the paint. Some makeup brush manufacturer will cut costs on paint by under-coating the brushes or by using a low-density paint. While the color may look the same, higher-quality paint will feel smooth and flat to the touch while lower quality will feel rough and can chip and crack easily.

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3.Know Your Aluminum Ferrule Requirements

Some makeup brushes manufacturer use aluminum ferrules that are slightly smaller in diameter, meaning they can use less bristle for the brush. Additionally, some makeup brush manufacturers may also use ferrules that are not quite as thick as the standard ferrules which makes them more susceptible to warping and other physical damage, resulting in a lesser-quality product.

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4.  Watch for Over-Fluffed Bristles

To make the makeup brushes appear fuller, some makeup brush manufacturer will increase the waviness of the bristles. They will go to extreme lengths to increase the bend in each bristle so they can use fewer bristles for each brush while appearing to be of the same quality. This is why it is always important to not only scrutinize the initial sample, but any subsequent orders you place as well.

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5.  The Sticky Mess of Cheap Glue

AB glue offers the best performance and is the most durable in makeup brushes. As you would imagine, it is always the more expensive option for makeup brush manufacturer as well so they will sometimes use hot melt adhesive instead because it’s cheaper and cures much quicker than AB glue. If the temperature increases, the glue will melt, however, causing the brush to fall apart.

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Those are our five secrets for importing makeup brushes from China! We hope they will help you avoid dishonest makeup brush manufacturers and procure the best possible makeup brush for your business or brand. If you have any questions or would like to contact us to learn more about the many lines of makeup brushes we manufactured, feel free to contact us any time!