How to choose the the best fit hair of makeup brushes

The bristles of professional makeup brushes are generally divided into two types.Animal hair and mixed hair. Natural animal hair still has the complete hair cuticle, so the hair is soft, eat the degree of saturation, it could make the color even docile and will not stimulate the skin, it is the best material of makeup bristles. While the mixed hair touch is hard, not easy to brush color. But the advantages are a certain degree of toughness, durable and easy to clean, more suitable for thick texture of the paste or liquid makeup, such as foundation, concealer and lipstick and so on.

If you want to pick the most cost-effective makeup brush, first the hair must touch soft and smooth, the structure must be full. Secondly Hold the bristles with your fingers, gently comb down, check if the bristles are easy to fall off. And then press the brush on the back of the hand, draw a semicircle, in order to check the if the bristle cut is neat. Finally, if conditions permit, you can use hot air blowing hair to determine which is your ideal material , the one maintain the original shape is the animal hair, if hair curling ,it is man-made fiber. It should be noted that the natural bristles and man-made bristles are no absolute good or bad, it depend on the use of cosmetic brush.