Frequently Asked Questions for New Clients

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I haven’t worked with you before, so how can I trust you?

We are a legally registered Chinese factory established in 2016. Our factory name is Dong Guan Qing Xi Han Mei Cosmetics Tools Factory (东莞市清溪涵美化妆用具厂), with registered license number “441900608076033” which is verifiable on

What are your advantages over other suppliers?

As we have been working in the cosmetics industry for 8 years, we have better supply chain management. Because of this, we can get better raw material prices. In addition, our makeup brush wood handles are made by ourselves, meaning we offer a higher-quality product than competitors at a more affordable rate.

Is there any MOQ for buying products from you?

MOQ depends on the type of makeup brushes you would like to purchase. For example, if we have raw material stock, we can make the MOQ low at around 500 or 1000 sets/pieces. If we don’t have them in stock, we would need to buy customized packing, customize the color, and customize the logo printing which will lead to a higher MOQ.

When was  The icosmeticbrush established?

Originally established in 2016 by Jacob Mo and John Fan. But they have cooperated since 2013 when their factory was in Yiwu, and John’s father had the experience in high-quality makeup brushes industry for 10 years.

What type of brush styles are manufactured by icosmeticbrush?

We could manufacture almost every kind of makeup brushes, no matter natural hair, and synthetic brushes.  We have manufactured chisel blender, shader, brights, flats, filberts, rounds, flat wash, one stroke, dagger Deerfoot, fan, liner and so on.

Does your company use natural or synthetic hair for your brushes?

icosmeticbrush utilizes both natural and synthetic bristles in our brushes, depending on the intended purpose/use. We have a professional master with expertise in component materials, selecting of stock elements and a wide range of specialty options. This expertise and experience make icosmeticbrush your ideal choice as a brush manufacturer.

Does icosmeticbrush sell to individual consumers?

The net minimum order required for consumers to purchase directly from icosmeticbrush is $200.If you want to buy one piece or set, please visit our online stores on Amazon or Dhgate.

Is your company environmentally conscious?

Yes. We are environmentally sensitive and support the fight to end animal cruelty in the makeup and cosmetics industry.