2 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Real Makeup Brushes manufacturer On line

Many importers who are purchasing makeup brushes from China want to find real makeup brushes manufacturer,not any middle men or trading companies, though this is not an easy task.

There are many topics about “makeup brushes manufacturer in China” and discussed frequently in many Facebook/LinkedIn. But unfortunately most answers are useless, such as visit China in person, or search Gold Supplier on Alibaba.No solution really work after I searching all related topics on the Internet.

However, I found that there is no one thinking about “Why we can not find manufacturer”, which I think it’ll make more sense than just asking “How to find manufacturer”. And only when you know the main reasons of failing, then you will find the best way to get the manufacturer.

1. Manufacturers Didn’t Publish Their Information on English Website

It’s very common in China that no one can speak English in a small-scale factory, and most staffs are working related to production, and get the orders from domestic trading companies or bigger-scale factory. Because they think that it’s expensive(it will cost about $30000 per year for a 2 staff team) and difficult to build an exported sales team.

For example, you have to pay about USD 4,000 annually as the member fee, then you can publish products on Alibaba, which is the so called “Gold Supplier”,Everyone could get it,and the staff of Alibaba will help you get the manufacturer authentication,even though you are not . Also, you need to pay at least USD 8,000 every year for employing a full-time English sale, and it’s only for basic salary. If his working ability is not like you expected, you may get no order and lose money.

All foreign importers, no matter they can speak Chinese or not, are all sourcing suppliers on B2B platforms such as Alibaba or Global Sources, or searching on Google. So if a factory doesn’t have any staff who knows English, then it’s impossible for them to publish their products information on English website. So there is no way for foreign importers to find them.